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Since 1986, Super-Mex Foods® has been a leader in Europe in supplying Tex-Mex and Mexican food products.

Our Company provides a wide range of different types of products including tortilla chips, corn and flour tortillas, salsas and Mexican seasonings. Our most important products, tortilla chips and corn tortillas, are produced using the ancient Aztec tradition called “Nixtamal”.

Super-Mex Foods® began as a small manufacturer of tortilla chips and corn tortillas in Andalucia. Over 25 years ago, two American families brought their knowledge and experience in Mexican products to Cadiz, Spain. Using the Nixtamal process of working with whole corn, they revolutionized the field of tortilla chips in Europe, giving birth to Super-Mex Foods®. Over the years, this blend of cultures, knowledge and dedication has resulted in a company which is known for products of gourmet quality with competitive pricing.

Super-Mex Foods® is an international supplier of a wide range of Mexican food products.

In the past year, Super-Mex Foods® has opened a new facility in El Puerto de Santa Maria with the most modern production and quality control systems.

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