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Super-Mex Foods® offers a wide range of Mexican food products. Our products are made of top quality ingredients which gives all Super-Mex Foods® products their delicious taste and texture. Our products will add more fun and flavor to any snack, meal or party.

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Tortilla Chips

Super tortilla chips

Super Mex Tortilla Chips are made with top quality regional ingredients. The tortilla chips are fried in 100% sunflower and high oleic sunflower oil, oils which have documented health benefits.


Flavored Tortilla Chips

Super Mex Tortilla Chips are made with top quality regional ingredients and they´re fried in 100% sunflower and high oleic sunflower oil. Our flavors are Cheese and American BBQ, perfect to eat directly from the bag.


Flour Tortillas


SuperMex Flour Tortillas are versatile and flavorful. They can be used for a variety of plates, including burritos, wraps and kebabs. They can be used hot (fried or out of the oven) or cold. Our flour tortillas are made from the highest quality flour and, like bread, are packaged to stay fresh and flavorful without refrigeration.

Chili con carne

Chili con carne is a famous dish of tex-mex cuisine, prepared from beef and red beans, mixed with a slightly spicy tomato sauce. It is the perfect complement to accompany with some nachos, to fill some burritos or simply to eat it with rice as a main course. Super-Mex Foods offers a 410gr can full of flavor and ready to eat.



Super Mex Salsas are great to accompany our tortilla chips, whether as a dip or on top of a nacho. Made from traditional recipes, these salsas add flavor and color to any dish. They are economically packaged for easy use.


Super-Mex seasonings are prepared with all natural ingredients and are Gluten Free. Garlic, cumin and onion are some of the spices in our select mix that will help you improve all your favorite dishes.


Super-Mex Foods® is exclusively a whole sale business.

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