Why is Supermex super?

Super-Mex is super…

Because Super-Mex Foods® produces premium quality gourmet corn products made from all natural ingredients.

How it´s made

Our famous tortilla chips and corn tortillas are made according to an ancient Aztec tradition called “Nixtamal”.
In the “Nixtamal” process, corn tortillas and tortilla chips are obtained from the careful hand cooking of premium quality, sun dried whole corn. The corn is stone-ground to release its rich natural flavor, then fried in 100% sunflower oil and high oleic sunflower oil. Our salted chips are flavoured with sea salt.
Super-Mex Foods® uses sun-dried, regionally grown corn which is selected for its premium quality. Our corn supplier certifies that the corn is GMO free. Our corn products are gluten free.

A healthy product

We use sunflower and high oleic sunflower oil, an oil with documented beneficial health qualities. Similar to olive oil, high oleic sunflower oil promotes good cholesterol and helps reduce bad cholesterol. It is very low in saturated fats and contains no Trans fats. We do not mix our oil with other less expensive, less healthy oils (such as palm oil, coco oil, etc) as other manufacturers do. We clearly inform the public of the oil we use and do not hide this information by using the generic designation of “vegetable oil” or “vegetable fat.” High oleic sunflower oil is an ideal oil for frying because it is naturally stable at the temperature required for frying tortilla chips.
In addition to all the healthy benefits of using high oleic sunflower oil, this oil helps enhance the natural sweet flavor of the corn. High oleic sunflower oil helps produce a tortilla chip that is light, crispy and of the highest quality flavor.

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